Expert graphic designers


“Expert graphic designers – we produce the best quality
work whatever the design medium”

All of the projects that The Pea Green Boat Design work on, involve graphic design in one form or another.

Whether it be Brand & Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Website Design, Brochure Design or Exhibition Design – we create graphics to adorn what would otherwise be an empty canvass.

Expert Graphic Designers

Three dimensional design is an important aspect of our work especially in the case of packaging and brand identity and the format and materials chosen are especially important in print.

However, graphic design remains at the heart of our service offering and is key to much of our work, no matter what the medium of communication.

We like to create strong ideas and render them in an appropriate medium, placing them at the heart of your marketing. Our visuals are extremely articulate and you’ll be able to see exactly what the finished item will look like even at a first stage conceptual stage.


Much of the illustration work that we produce is produced in-house, which can be very cost effective. However, when projects require specialist illustration or a certain style of illustration, we are able to outsource it to either freelance illustrators or illustration companies and art direct the illustration to ensure the desired result.


We have a small number of highly professional and talented photographers that we work with when our conceptes require bespoke photography. We are extremely experienced in the organisation and art direction of photo shoots including the casting and procurement of models, providing stylists and home economists as well as organising the building of sets for the shoot.

For projects with limited budgets, there is a wealth of stock photography available to graphic designers nowadays and we have accounts with the major picture libraries and are therefore able to source extremely good pictures at reasonable rates.

Photographic retouching

Competent in the industry standard Adobe photoshop, our in house retouching deals with a variety of every day images, including cropping or extending images, altering the colour and cutting out to suit our clients design needs. We are able to retouch any image to create breath taking results taking existing images and manipulating them convincingly.

Computer generated design and graphics

Virtually all of our design work is produced on computer and all of the design files that we produce are digital. That applies to virtually all of the various stages of any design project.

Whether it be the initial visuals for a new logo or a range of packaging – all of the visuals that we show to our clients are of an extremely high quality, so much so – that they look like the finished item. This is essential in obtaining approval at different stages, enabling clients to see exactly how the particularly design will look.

We use industry standard programmes such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D and are experts in the use of all of these programmes.

However, there is not a ‘magic button’ on the key pad of a computer that allows it to generate ideas! We still need to go through the process of developing ideas on paper, evaluating and discussing them internally before converting them into computer graphics to show our clients.


The artwork that we produce is also produced in professional, industry standard programmes using a combination of Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. We discuss and agree with you your print requirements and develop the artwork accordingly to each project’s specific needs, liasing with production companies including printers and if required cardboard engineers during the process.

Model making

With modern three dimensional visualisation and photo retouching techniques there is less requirement for model making nowadays, however should a project require 3D model making, we are able to design commsion models to be made from an expert model maker that we have worked with for many years.

Print  and production

We offer a print buying service to our clients, which utilises our specialist knowledge of print and production. This often provides the additional benefit of more competitive prices than might otherwise be achieved if the client went to the same print company direct.

We have an extremely good relationship with a number of print and production companies and our clients benefit from access to a wide range of expertise and more unusual print companies, that would not usually be at hand.

We obviously charge an industry based fee for this and many clients choose to use this facility as it takes the worry off of their shoulders, ensuring that the job will turn out to their satisfaction and allowing them can focus on what they’re best at. Which in the long run many find beneficial.

Website design

We are able to produce any type of website from a small site for a small business to a large corporate site for a multinational company. We can produce sites that promote a range of products or just one single product. Brochure sites or ecommerce sites – entirely depending on your requirement.

With larger websites we tend to visualise key pages of a new website design in illustrator and present these visuals for discussion and approval – much like we would a conventional print project. Only once the design is agreed do we commence the website build.

With smaller websites we may agree to use an existing ‘theme’ with our clients and commence the website built virtually straight away.

Our  preferred platfom is WordPress – as we have found this to be the most intuitive and easy to use at the same time providing a great deal of functionality – ‘out of the box’.

Whatever nature of the project – you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your website design will reflect the essence of your brand.

 Other services

If you have any other requirements other than those listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.